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    Cutcliffe radio show

    Info from press release.

    Note the email address for questions.

    "Hosted by the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club each Tuesday night during the season, the Duke Football Radio Show with David Cutcliffe returns for its second year in 2010 and will air live from 7-8 p.m. on WDNC 620 The Buzz. Fans are invited to join the head coach on location in the Bull Durham Bar at the Washington Duke Inn.

    The show is a production of the Blue Devil ISP Sports Network.

    Fans may submit questions for Coach Cutcliffe via email at

    Art Chase, a member of the Duke sports information office since 2000, will host the show alongside Cutcliffe."

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    Thanks Jim. I haven't tried it, but this site has the webstream.
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    Note that the first show will be August 31st. Here's the complete article from

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