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    Josh Hairston Interview.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osiagledknarf View Post
    Kudos to Mark Watson for making another great interview available to general public.

    Josh sounds like a confident guy who is willing to work hard in team role. Not hesitant at all as he answered.

    He and Mark both mentioned the three frosh Kyrie, Tyler and Josh all on same ProAM team per Carawell suggesation I believe, but did not add that Kyle Singler now that he is back from skill camps and Team USA plays for that team too.

    They could get a workout tonight against fellow Blue Devils Ryan Kelly and Andre Dawkins if they are joined by John Wall and Quincy Miller (Duece too?).

    There was some comjecture last week that Wall may play this week but have heard nothing on Quincy or Deuce.

    These guys and Ryan Kelly would be good competiiton for Josh and Kyle, while Tyler and Kyrie figure out how to deal with Wall and Dre.

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