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    Let's not forget

    i don't post often but follow the board daily and thought i would give this years team some more credit. it has been a little over a month since the devils took home the iron and i hope everyone is still enjoying it and truly appreciates what this years team accomplished.

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    i am still amazed...i've got a bunch of duke stuff around my office and i've got the newspaper full pages right next to the 2001 pages...

    it's surreal...but i am loving it...
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    I'm still on Cloud 9... a relatively young fan who really started watching around the 1994-95 season, this is only the second championship I've gotten to fully appreciate. With all the excitement around the potential of next year's team, it's important not to forget what this year's squad accomplished.

    2001 was great, but this year was even better for me because of how unexpected and surreal the whole thing was. I've had to hear so much trash talk from UNC fans the past few years, but I managed to bite my tongue this year, and it made it all the more enjoyable to watch. Seeing the hard work of the much-maligned class of Scheyer, Zoubs, and Thomas finally come to fruition was truly amazing to watch. Guys, if you're reading this, thanks for the four years you put in at deserved to go out on top.

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    We won a NCAA championship No way I'm forgetting or taking it for granted.

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    the best part is the collective silence from all my misguided unc-loving friends!

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    I have the Baylor, UWV and Butler games on my DVR and have been watching all 3 at least once a week since we won the title. The more I watch, the more it amazes me how Zoubek played.

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    Oh yes!

    I use my bragging rights every chance I get around my friends who cheer for UNC or anybody else. Life is sweet, and I still have half a year to brag before we start to do it again. And if Duke goes back to back? Oh MAN!! I'm gonna be the most annoying bragger on the planet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Welcome2DaSlopes View Post
    We won a NCAA championship No way I'm forgetting or taking it for granted.
    Agreed, and I'm not worried at all about the vast majority of the posters on the board forgetting.

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    My heart remains warmed, as much by the character, the selflessness and the continual improvement of this team, as by their wonderful, unexpected national Championship. The 2010 Blue Devils join 1986 and 2001, as my TEAMS that won due to leadership and self-sacrifice.

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