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    If you could choose...

    One team to get a home and home series with who would it be?

    I say Uk, there fans think were afraid to play at Rupp? what do you all think.

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    Goldsboro, NC
    Kentucky would be fine.......wouldn't mind Kansas either.

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    UCLA. Would help recruiting the most.

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    Haven't we done UCLA? Arizona, other than last season's appearance at holeville has seemed to be too much chicken squeeze to appear at Cameron.

    Kentucky would be fine. So would Florida.

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    Naptown, IN
    #1 University of Kentucky
    #2 UK
    #3 Wild Cats
    #4 UCLA/Kansas/UConn (3-way tie)

    Kentucky vs. Duke each year would be a ratings bonanza. I currently live near the UK stronghold and it's amazing that UK Fans still feel Duke is a major rival. I remember a post on this board ~2yrs ago about the supposed Duke vs UK rivalry. Anyway...

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    I think of KY as more of a "rival" than MD! We have had more games of real significance against KY than we have had such games against MD, IMO.

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    I really liked the home and home with Michigan State, regardless of the fact that we were able to win both games .

    But at this point, my top three would be:

    1. Florida (They're trying to supplant Duke as THE program)
    2. UCLA (They're back to elite status)
    3. Kentucky (Gillespie's an up and comer, and I'd love to smash them in Rupp)

    And if everyone's being partial to their home states, I'll throw the Buckeyes in there. We played them my freshman year ('02), but it was in either Greensboro or Charlotte.
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    West Virginia (said selfishly).

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    UK for sure. I would just love to bring out the Chris-tian Laett-ner (clap-clap, clap-clap-clap) cheers!

    Edit: UK has the most wins of any program, UNC is second, Kansas third, Duke fourth. The best way for us to catch up is to beat UK more often.

    Also, we should absolutely not play UConnvicts as that would demean our program IMO.
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    Wink a girl can dream...

    Oregon! (We're allowed to be selfish, right?)

    Actually, the Blue Devils would probably feel right at home here in Mac Court. It's a great old building with a great old history, and people are constantly yammering about how they want to replace it. Sound familiar?

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    A Bay Area duke fan can dream..
    Cal or Stanford.
    It would be nice to see the Blue Devils play in California at least once a year, that would be a dream.

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    uk or ku would be my choices

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    1. UCONN
    2. KU
    3. UK
    4. Syracuse

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    Just as God intended Duke and unc never to meet in the NCAA tournament, He intended Duke and Ky ONLY to meet there.

    I'll come out of left field and say Syracuse. This was sort of supposed to happen before we got stuck with VPI in the conference insetad.

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    Most of the teams mentioned seriously would be fine with me, particularly UK, KU, or Florida. On the west coast, UCLA would seem reasonable. Any of these, but definitely not UConn under present management.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgtr View Post
    Any of these, but definitely not UConn under present management.
    Why wouldn't mgt. go for this?

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    lives near a number of big white buildings
    Any of the above....but never against Lute...why give the whining crybaby any credibility?

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    1. NC State and Wake Forest.
    2. UCLA or Stanford
    3. Kentucky

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    unc. that would be cool. it's a pretty good rivalry imo.

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