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    A good reminder...

    I vowed to myself on Friday not to revisit the "Patterson tea leaves" thread. But considering the hoopla that his recruitment provided for us I thought this article was a good reminder of just what we're (speaking in general terms - not just us Duke fans) doing when we are annointing a recruit with such lofty expectations. Particularly interesting was the 2003 classes on page 2 of this article...

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    Everybody who read any threads about Patterson should definitely read that article. What a great read.

    There's no crystal ball. Many of the "big-time" recruits don't do much. Anybody who follows Duke hoops could provide cogent examples.

    On the flip side, sometimes a little-heralded recruit can become a major star. I'm going to use an NBA example, but you'll get the drift: I'm old enough to remember the flack the Utah Jazz took when they recruited John Stockton. Everybody thought it was the stupidest move ever. Some were even calling for the resignation of the coach. Now you just have to laugh.

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