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    Civility & Posting

    Our moderators have suggested they are somewhat reluctant to ban people who misbehave, and there's been enough of that lately to go around.

    We do not share that reluctance.

    Our guidelines are simple: be civil and polite even when you disagree. If you can't manage that, you probably should find somewhere else to post.

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    Civil yes
    Polite? I would kindly beg to differ.

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    I agree, and although I do my best not to my wife tell me that from time to time I have a slight edge in what I write, especially if I’m passionate about it. So I apologize if I come across that way. [This is the reason for my Patton quote, to try and poke fun at myself]

    From time to time, and I must say a lot less frequent since I’ve found this board, I visit a board that has political and sports discussions and they tend to become a lot less than civil. I have found this board a breath of fresh air.

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