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    Come'on Duke! 'really want to see that Baylor-Duke (x2) matchup for us in the next round...and eventually get another shot at UCONN...

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    42-34 for Duke. It's good to see the team off to a nice start in the second half. The potential match-up with Brittney Griner is certainly interesting. That was definitely an upset.

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    This is awesome. Baylor-Duke in the Elite 8 in both women and men!

    Your ladies remind me of a mix of Texas A&M, which we always match up well against, and OU, which we have more problems with than anyone in the Big 12.

    I'm stating the obvious, but Griner is a beast in the middle and we're pretty good at dribble-drive penetration. We, however, are just not that good from the outside. And, our defense has gotten KILLED by teams who can shoot lights out from the outside like Nebraska.

    Your ladies look really good moving the ball in the paint. And that attacking defense is giving SDSU fits here in the 2nd half.

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    I'm very impressed by the defense(!), offensive rebounding, and overall agility of Duke. If it weren't for SDSU's hot outside shooting, this would have been a route by now. Go Duke!

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    Interesting to see how Duke does againt Ms. Grinner

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    Quote Originally Posted by uh_no View Post
    She is just about the only good player on their team...and so long as she doesn't punch out your starting 5, most good teams can win
    Uh-huh. Well, so much for b-ball expertise.

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