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    If only, if only

    I realize we're doing great this year and I don't want to take anything away from the team

    But we all like to do the "what if" scenarios, so here's one.

    How good would we be if G hadn't left and/or Elliot hadn't transferred? We'd have even more depth in the backcourt and would have a much more rested team. I think we'd be very legitimate title contenders then. Maybe even favorites possibly.

    Again, I know we're doing great this year, but I thought we could have some fun and just imagine "what if" for the sake of it.

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    If G hadn't left, Kyle might have. I think key to Kyle's return was the opportunity to round out his game as a 3. Without that, he might have gone.

    I doubt that Williams was prepared for a back up role this season.

    I therefore think that your hypothetical is completely unrealistic.

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    As K says:

    Next play

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    I'm not sure Nolan would have developed as much as he has is if G had stayed. I actually think Nolan this year > G last year.

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    Future projections are okay, but this is a useless exercise.

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    Funny, I said the exact thing to my wife this morning.
    1 Elliot Williams 29 29 18.9 162 339 .478 172 228 .754 52 138 .377

    I was surprised his stats are that good. The problem, and a good one to have would be who would be playing between Nolan, Jon, Elliot and G? What an incredible back court with one rotating to small forward. You could also take it another step however and what if Ty Lawson and Danny Green had come back. I think the Heels would be totally different. There have no point guard now. What if this one?? Kyle and Nolan go early. I doubt they will but what if ??? We would lose our whole recent starting lineup. Kyle and Nolan, if you are reading this, you will find later in life there is nothing like your college experiences. That degree is priceless. See you two in Cameron next year. Patience is a virtue!!!
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    There would be at least s more threads a day dedicated to playing time the owners of the site would probably need to create anew forum specifically dedicated to playing time. It would be called "The 1A Forum" and the words "good job" and "player development" would have to be in the profanity filter.

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    It's a fun game to play - very hard to project how various players would have developed with a different roster, though. If one could add G and Elliot to the current team and have all the current players develop the same way - yowza!

    Godukego, I've worried over that very same "what if". It's a worst-case scenario but it's not totally unrealistic.

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    Yeah, I agree this is a pointless discussion, but my "what if" is -- what if we had gotten Greg Monroe? Lock for the FF?

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    1) I think the ball moves much better without G. We are a better team for it.

    2) From here on out, I think we should save these hypotheticals for the off season. I'm pretty sure Airowe has an appropriate quote for this kind of speculation...

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    No thanks, I am happy with the team we have.

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