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    Da Bulls Without One Devil

    Obviously, the Chicago Bulls are struggling mightily in their series with the Detroit Pistons. None of the three games they have lost have been even close. Deng has been absolutely magnificent, and it is so much fun to watch him mature as a basketball player and a human being. GO LUOL!

    But our other Bull Devil isn't getting much time on the floor. In Game 1, Chris played 25+ minutes, scored 5 points, had no assists, and had only 1 rebound. In Game 2, Chris played 21+ minutes, scored 3 points but had 6 assists to only 1 turnover.

    In Game 3, Chris was DNP. When asked why, Scott Skiles commented:

    "What about Chris Duhon not playing? "That was coach's decision. We made a decision to stick with our top seven guys. At some point we have to find out, if we are playing our top seven against their seven, are we good enough to beat them? I thought we played better tonight and did things well. We had a better effort off the glass. I want to leave the game in the hands of our main guys. I did not want to pull our main guys out when maybe they could decide it. I wanted there to be at least one game where our guys decided it. The guys who played the big minutes are the ones who brought us here."

    Any of you have comments on Duhon's non-appearance in Game 3? This isn't the first time it has happened, but there has always been a reason (he missed a film session; he overslept and missed practice). Thanks to anyone who can help explain this...

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    There's no explanation. Just a dumb coaching move, IMO, out of desperation hoping to somehow scrap out a win.

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    Well Chris did get in and hit a 3PT shot. He also got featured on a halftime "Fave Five guards" piece - it was quite short and uninteresting. He basically spoke 5 guys names, without elaboration. Boring!

    Bulls darn near collapsed again with a massive lead. Sure seems like when the Pistons want to be done with them, they will be.

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