This topic may have already been covered in this forum -- if so, I apologize for dragging it up again. However, there's something that has been puzzling me -- that's how important a factor is coaching style when it comes to recruiting?

Coach K is known as a defensive coach. How often have we heard "if you don't play defense, you won't play much for Coach K"? Young BBall phenoms are rarely celebrated for their defensive skills - usually running, jumping, and sometimes shooting - the "fun stuff".

The question is: Do most of the outstanding young players want to avoid big defensive requirements and just focus on their offensive skills during their short college stay? Is that likely a major factor in why some of the better players -- e.g., Brandon Wright, Doug Monroe, Brandon Knight, Harrison Barnes -- chose not to come to Duke?

Outstanding players want to get to the NBA. Do they think that offensive performance overwhelms defensive abilities (unless you're Shane Battier, or course!) when it comes to draft position, and is that true?

Looking forward to comments from the experts.