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    David Halberstam RIP

    Nopt much to say here except we have lost a true giant. He was a wordsmith of the finest order.

    This column from a blog I read has some nice sentiments.

    All sports fans owe Halberstam a debt of gratitude for making it a little more "cool" to write about sports.

    -Jason "he was great in Doonesbury too" Evans

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    His book on the Trailblazer's championship team was terrific in every respect save one: no chapters. What was up with that?

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    One of my favorite writers both for the tomes (Best & The Brightest/Powers That Be) and the sports books (Breaks Of The Game/Summer of '49).

    Mr. Halberstam wrote for for awhile earlier this decade. A number of his columns are linked on that site today in tribute. In one of those, written on the first anniversary of 9-11, he wrote on what he saw the proper role of sports to be in our currently troubled times:

    In truth, our lives are what we make of them. We work hard and, at the end of the day, in a world that is often mundane, the ability to watch one or two sports games a week is a kind of blessing, a relief from what is often a difficult routine. But if we want any kind of real emotional balance, we must get it from our loved ones, family, friends, co-workers.


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    My favorite recollection were the insights he Ken Burns for his "Baseball" series.

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