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    ESPN2: Jordan All Star Classic - ON right now...

    I apologize if I'm repeating this news.
    I was plesantly surprised to see the game being shown on ESPN2 as I was browsing through the channels and thought it might be useful for some people on this board.

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    Singler at the 5

    Out of the same necessity that Duke will have, the Black/Yellow team played Kyle Singler at the 5 on defense against 7 footer Kosta Koufos and he outplayed the future Ohio St center. At various points in the game, Singler was matched up with Patrick Patterson and Donte Greene. So after this game, more convinced Duke's starting 5 will be


    Jimmy Dykes says Patrick Patterson told him his top 3 is Duke, Florida and KY but Jimmy then hedged his bets saying to not count out Hugy Bear.
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    I only managed to catch bits and pieces of the game, but not much. Any more specifics on how Singler did? I can't yet find a box score or recap of the game.

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    Singler scored 16 points

    Singler scored 16 points. Here is a short recap from InsideHoops:

    InsideHoops will be posting a longer recap and player interviews later on Sunday.

    Bob Green
    Yokosuka, Japan

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    Singler and Patterson

    I too was interesting to see Singler guard the seven-footer Koufos. He did a damned good job -- which you could tell when Koufus played against Blake Griffen and absolutely burned him.

    I recall reading at Draftexpress before the McDonald's Game that in the pre-game practices and scrimmages that Singler was the one guy who could defend Jerrod Bayless, the guard who is headed to Arizona. That's quite a defensive range -- from a super-quick 6-3 guard to a versatile inside/outside 7-footer.

    As for the rest of his game, Singler made some awesome outlet passes. He had at least three steals and two blocks. In the first half, he had a great sequence when he blocked a fast-break basket at one end, outletted to start the break, then got the open 3 as the trailer and knocked it down. He also had a great baseline drive on Koufos. You could see the 7-footer measuring him for the block, but Singler foiled him by driving past the basket, then spinning backwards and using the basket to keep Koufos off him.

    When the Blue team took the lead for the first time late in the game, Singler scored four of the next six points for the Black team. A few moments later, his 3-point play gave the Blacks a working margin and they coasted to the nine-point win.

    Overall, a very strong performance -- maybe the best "all-around" player in the game.

    As for Patterson, he was pretty much invisible in the first half, but he was a force down the stretch. Much like the McDonald's game, his game was all rebounding and defense (he had a couple of nice blocks). Almost all his points came on putbacks.

    I also heard Dykes report that PP was down to three -- Duke, Floridia and Kentucky. I was gritting my teach when he repeated it in the second half, then went off on a tangent about how you couldn't count out Huggins.

    Believe me, you can in this case. Not saying Duke will get him, but if (and I want to see follow up on that) Patterson did say he's down to three, then I believe him.

    Also, Dykes said Patterson would sign by the end of next week. He only said it in passing ... not sure I believe that one.

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    I was impressed with both Singler and Patterson. Singler played a very versatile game and will fit in the Duke system well (imho). As mentioned before, he played 4 or 5 most of the game and held his ground against more prototypical inside players. He also knocked down some threes that was nice.
    I also liked PP quite a bit. His defense is well above average and he is a good rebounder. He will be a good addition to our team if he chooses to come here. He will be a major contributor from the start.


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    Singler and Patterson

    I watched the game on TV. Singler showed a lot and almost surely will start this fall, but he is nowhere near as athletic as 4 or 5 other players (Donte Greene, Eric Gordon, J. Bayless and both Chris Wrights). His ability to play post defense against Koufos was very encouraging, as someone has got to plug that hole next year. PP was quiet but showed excellent strength and power around the basket. If we are lucky enough to get him we could have a very good team next March.

    Any truth to Jimmy Dykes' claim PP has narrowed his choices to the 3 schools?

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    All we can really hope is that it all plays out like last summer -- Patterson, who looks to be swaying towards the sunshine state, all-of-sudden redirects his path to the 15-501 and joins the True Blue.

    Deja-vu anyone? (Or maybe I'm just delusional?)

    Let's keep hoping, anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Green View Post
    Singler scored 16 points. Here is a short recap from InsideHoops:

    InsideHoops will be posting a longer recap and player interviews later on Sunday.

    Bob Green
    Yokosuka, Japan
    Thanks for the link.

    Sounds like Singler had yet another strong showing. I'm so excited about next season - can't wait to see him play in a Duke uniform!

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    Right, I am so excited I want the season to start tomorrow. But, then, I want as long a recovery period as possible for Paulus and Pocius. Gee, Mommy, why can't I have both? Any knowledge about how they are doing in their respective recoveries?

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    I thought Singler looked good but not as good as he did in the McDdonald's game. He had a travel called and a couple other times he could have been called for the extra step. He also had a couple of bad passes, at least one resulted in a turnover. He spent way too much time on offense spotting up for the three, though when he gets in the triple threat position, he looked good and wanted to take his man off the dribble, gotta like that. I really like his overall court awareness and toughness though. He doesn't back down and shows some emotion, which is good. I liked the story the announcers told of the imprompto game he had after practice with Bayless, where they were just going after each other. You can't buy that kind of fire.

    As far as Patterson, I really tried to just watch him and not the game and I saw some things that make me wonder about how effective he would be as a freshman. He was out of position alot on both sides of the ball and got boxed out with ease. His court awareness (ACC competition wise) seemed like it was a year away to me. I could see him getting some minutes for sure as he is an outstanding athlete with decent skills but as far sliding into Duke as a starter, I'm not so sure.

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