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    Daniel Ewing

    I've been puzzled by Ewing's lack of PT, in that he plays pretty well when he's in, he just doesn't play much. Last night, though, he started in a road loss to the Sonics and played 36 minutes. Though he didn't shoot so great, 2-6 4pts, he did have 5/2 ast/TOs, 1 reb and 1 steal. Though his start was prob'ly caused by an injury to someone else, (Cassell didn't play and Livingston won't play again this year, maybe ever), i'm glad to see him get off the pine. I hope he doesn't pull an Avery and disappear from the league after his 1st contract is up. His stats aren't particularly amazing, but he has been playing behind Maggette, Livingston, Cassell and Mobley, so if given a chance somewhere else he might produce reasonably well. I hope so. By the way, how come he never developed a nickname like D-Ew (phonetically equal to DU, the initials of Duke University ) in the way that we had Du for Dhuon?

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    I'm sorry to see Livingston injured, but it could be a huge break for Daniel. I would expect him to see a lot more PT for the rest of the season. Here's to hoping he makes the best of it.

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    Considering that the Clips were shopping most of the players that play in front of Daniel at the trade deadline, or were at least willing to listen to offers, I would be inclined to think that they are at least considering him for thier future plans. The problem with Daniel is that he doesn't look for his shot enough on that Clippers team. Obviously thier first option is Elton, but Maggette is a shoot-first player, and sometimes when Daniel is on the floor, he looks to set up the more established guys.

    He has, however, looked incredibly fast against the Suns and Sonics (the two games that I saw him play in) and sees the game very well, IMO. So we'll see.

    And I called him the D-Ew for his entire career, worry not.

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