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    What is the biggest ACC Sports story this year? Opinions

    VA is in good shape to win the regular season. Having lived in ACC country for over 30 years I can't remember a year where some really interesting things have happened. Several things no prognosticator would have guessed I would think. I'm sure I am missing a big story in Field Hockey, Wrestling, or Fencing, etc. but of those I am aware I think the following, in order, are historically significant:

    1) WF football wins ACC football title
    2) Duke womens team has undefeated regular season (no small feat considering that schedule!)
    3) VA wins mens b-ball regular season (pending).
    4) Women's ACC teams poll at 1, 2, 3 in national poll (earlier in the year if my memory serves)

    I guess the Duke Lacrosse scandal should be in there somewhere but I'm thinking positive things...

    I don't recall a year quite like this one.

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    Duke's men basketball team finishes 7th in ACC

    And this with Coach K leading the team.

    IF G Tech handles BC and duke looses to UNC, Duke will finish 7th and open the ACC tourney against NC St. Which could mean Duke has a chance to finish sub-500 in the ACC. Even finishing at 500 in the ACC for Duke is troublesome.

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    maybe i'm biased because i live in Winston Salem, but if you're excluding Duke LAX, then the biggest ACC story has got to be Wake's football season. The 2nd biggest story is still to come, when an ACC team notches a national title between now and the summer.

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    2 things IMO
    Wake football season
    Kay Yow battle with cancer

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