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    Life imitates art

    That is, if you consider the Roadrunner cartoons art.

    Anybody else seen the new show "Man vs. Cartoon"? A bunch of New Mexico engineers try to re-create the insane cartoon stunts Wile E. Coyote attempted as he pursued the Roadrunner.

    The result is one-half "Mythbusters" and one-half "Jackass". I've seen three episodes so far and the engineers are only slightly more successful that Wile. They actually manage to get the Roadrunner a couple of times -- like when they drop a load of dynamite swinging on a rope from the clifftop and blast the target on the path below.

    Still, most of their attempts fail -- like when they designed jet-boosted roller blades ... their stunt man did a pretty fair imitation of the Coyote as he splattered against the desert floor.

    Like I say, only three episodes so far, but I'm tempted to say, "Best ... show ... ever!"

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    What channel is it on?

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