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    Good basketball movies?

    In the past week, I had felt like watching some old basketball movies that I have never seen before. The first one I watched was hoosiers. What an awesome movie. If anyone hasn't seen it, it is a must.

    A couple days later, I watched Blue Chips. Also a good movie with Shaq and Penny Hardaway. I wonder if these recruiting violations happen as much as they did in this movie?

    Are there any others I am missing that are "classics"?

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    Hoop Dreams is a must watch. Hoosiers is probably the best basketball movie ever though. White Men Can't Jump...Space Jam...Finding Forrester (not really a "basketball movie", though)...He Got Game, Eddie (haven't seen those)...I feel like there are more quality baseball movies - Bull Durham and Field of Dreams aren't just sports classics, but movie classics in general.

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    The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh

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    If you don't care for occasional nudity, then He Got Game is a good one. Ray Allen and Denzel Washington act in it. Directed by Spike Lee.

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    Just a tip - "Basketball Diaries" doesn't really have much to do with basketball...

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    I always liked "Love and Basketball", and I think it's often overlooked.

    Andre Dawkins: “People ask me if I can still shoot, and I ask them if they can still breathe. That’s kind of the same thing.”

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    Fast Break is a pretty good comedy, some good players too. One on One is a classic as well. But Hoosiers is the best.

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    The washpost had a pretty bad list during the tournament.

    Glory Road is on there, but I never saw it and can't say if it was good.

    Blue Chips is all you really need, especially to get that Thomas Hill/Bobby Hurley fix.

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    weird one

    For some reason my wife absolutely loves Juwanna Man. I have no idea why. Would not recommend myself, but maybe others like it. Could be a good date movie?

    Blue Chips is a classic and it's amazing how many of the issues brought up in that movie still hold true today.

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    basketball movies

    IMHO, there are two --and only two -- GREAT basketball movies:

    (1) Hoosiers -- a fictionalized account of Milan High's improbable 1954 Indiana high school championship season. ESPN's Bill Simmons rates this as the greatest sports movie ever made.

    (2) Hoop Dreams -- an amazing documentary of two Chicago prep players and their ups and downs ... Roger Ebert picked it as the greatest single film in the 1990s.

    After that, there are some fun ones -- I like Fast Break with Gabe Kaplan (and Bernard King and Mike Warren) and there's an oldie called "Tall Story" with a young Jane Fonda that's one of my guilty pleasures (which involves a dramatic final game with the Russians).

    Personally, I HATE films that are supposed to be history, but aren't ("Glory Road" is a gross distortion of what actually happened in 1966) or claim to provide an inside look at the ugly side of college basketball, but don't know what they're talking about ("Blue Chips" and Robbie Benson's "One-on-One" fall into this category).

    Finally, there are the movies that are so bad that they have entertainment value in the "Plan 9 from Outer Space" mode -- "The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh" or "Eddie" certainly fit this category.

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    Don't forget "The Air Up There" with Kevin Bacon...

    I've never seen it... but it popped in my head...

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