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    NBA Lockout and College Early Departure

    Has anyone looked into the effect the potential (likely?) lockout before the 2011 season would alter early entry into the draft? After next season, I would think that more players will go pro in order to get in one season in the NBA before they close down for what could possibly be a whole season.

    Of course, the corollary is that more players will stay in school (or Europe?) with no 2011 draft. This could have an interesting effect on the game we all love. For the 2010 incoming class, it could make more sense to take elite players -- those who might not be able to be one-and-done that year.

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    A nice topic in a few weeks

    This deserves some discussion but not now- as most folks are focused on the college game at the moment. The NBA may be very different in a couple of years.

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