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Thread: Close ACC games

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    Close ACC games

    OK trying this out, and reposting something I posted earlier that I thought others would enjoy...

    Want to see what the schedule would look like if you reversed the
    outcomes of all conference games that were decided by 1 possession (3
    points or less)?

    I looked at this on my site today, and it just shows how BC, Virginia,
    and Virginia Tech have capitalized on close games. Surprisingly, FSU
    has won about as many as they have lost though.

    Here's the link...

    SCACC Hoops

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    That's a great piece of info, riverside, and I think it backs up my guess that the ACC Tourney is going to be one of the most exciting in the last few years. Lots of barnburners, buzzer beaters and I think it's pretty wide open as far as who's taking home the trophy. Given our tournament record the last 8 years (see: ridiculously good), I'd say we have a shot

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    I think that's also another reason why we'd love to get at least the 4 seed in the ACC tourney. A win against one of the lesser teams in the ACC is not necessarily a given (although likely, maybe) and would only serve to tire the team out without helping our NCAA seeding. I think that it is simply best to play less games over the weekend, hopefully win a few (including Sunday), but at least have more rest if we don't. Since we'll finally not be a one seed this year, the first game won't be a walk, and the team will have to be ready for a fight in the first round.

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    Unfortunately, a top 4 seed looks pretty unlikely. It will require...

    1. North Carolina to lose their last 2 and Duke to win their final 2
    2. BC to lose at Georgia Tech and Duke to win their final 2

    It certainly could happen, just doesn't seem likely.

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