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    other schools' fan sites

    hey all...i was hoping to solicit a little help. i have been trying to scour the internet for other schools' basketball fan sites to see what their message boards are saying about patterson, coaching moves, et. al., and have not been successful. can anyone help me out with some addresses for uf, uk, wvu, or any acc school (i already know to avoid ic, so don't worry about that one)? thanks in advance...

    ALSO, totally unrelated, i happened to be listening to westwood one's call of the unc/georgetown game, and the overtime audio was absolutely awesome. the pbp guy (don't recall who it was...maybe harlan?) was emphatically calling every unc miss (there were plenty), and john thompson jr. was barely saying anything at that point...i was imagining him reclining, smiling and pumping his fist. any way to dl the audio? i know you can listen to it on cbs mmod, but i can't figure out any way to download it (i'm on a mac, btw, in case anyone has software suggestions).

    sorry to put two such different posts in one, i just didn't want to start 2 consecutive threads as an infrequent poster.

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    Try the DBR links at the top of the page. The guys have linked a large number of fan and official school sites.


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    yep, there they are. :-) thanks gw.

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