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    Duke Loses a Second WBB Coach

    According to published reports, Duke women's basketball assistant coach Tia Jackson is in Seattle, where she will be introduced tomorrow as the new head coach at U-Dub. The Huskies were an NCAA tournament team this year, and the cupboard is far from bare. U-Dub is betting that Jackson hasn't forgotten how to recruit Southern California, where there is a ridiculous amount of talent in the high school classes of 2008 and 2009 (she was an assistant at UCLA before coming to Duke, and was primarily responsible for recruiting Noelle Quinn).

    She will become (assuming that Joanne Boyle stays at Cal) the third former G assistant to be a head coach in the Pac-10. LaVonda Wagner's Oregon State Beavers were pretty bad this year, but she had an incredible recruiting year at Oregon State this year (snagged arguably the two best players in Northern California), and the Beavers are in full turnaround mode. Boyle's successes at Cal have been well documented (If she had done nothing else, that win at Stanford would have endeared her to the Old Blues forever).

    The G (Coaching) Tree is flourishing on the Left Coast.

    You had better believe that young assistants are aware that G's assistants get great head coaching gigs. She will get resumes from every hot young assistant in America, and UT will have an amazing staff right quick.

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    I really hope Boyle comes to Duke


    She has done such a great job at Cal and from what I can tell is a great leader.

    GO DUKE!

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