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Thread: ACC Road Games

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    ACC Road Games

    I'm glad Duke broke the "streak" and became the first team to win an ACC home game this season. Certainly thought that would end with UNC first. I couldn't celebrate the result of the UNC game tonight until we had that 25-7 (?) run in the second half.

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    And I thought pessimistically that UNC would go Undefeated and they lost there first ACC game. Duke will be tied for first in ACC (1-0) and UNC for Last (0-1)

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    Is it just me, or is UNC actually worse at home than on the road?

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    Road Wins Continue

    All twelve teams play conference foes this week. The six games are:

    N.C.State @ Clemson
    Georgia Tech @ Maryland
    Duke @ Florida State
    Virginia @ Virginia Tech
    Miami @ BC
    UNC @ Wake

    I predict road wins by Duke, Miami and UNC. After next weekend, I expect Duke and Clemson to be leading the conference with 2-0 records.


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