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Thread: My hobby room

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    My hobby room

    Hey all,

    Thought I would pop this up here, since I've been working on it a bit... I paint little toy soldiers as a hobby and have a whole room dedicated to it, so I thought I would post up a link to my blog, where I document it all!

    Check it out!

    On an aside; the owner of one of the best miniature soldier companies is a Duke grad. Just an FYI.

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    I've checked out your site before, amazing detail. How many soldiers do you have total? Does the board/table get changed?
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    Thanks for sharing. Looks like a cool room to hang out in.

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    I have no idea how many soldiers I have in all... maybe 3,000? It is hard to tell There are a LOT, though, with most being American Civil War, and the majority of the rest being from the Napoleonic wars. The table is changed pretty frequently... everything on it can be moved and removed and changed. In fact, it is actually use to wargame on (pushing soldiers around and rolling dice.) I usually have the Civil War collection on there because I can fit more of them on... the Napoleonic soldiers are of a different scale (half an inch taller) and they can't all fit

    It IS a good room to hang out in, actually... put on a good war movie, then smoke cigars and sip spirits and look at toy soldiers and antiques. Pretty nice, actually

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