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    Hot'Lanta... home of the Falcons!

    Will Farrell + classic 70s camp = boxoffice gold

    This may be the best idea ever... or it might suck. I am leaning toward the former though.

    --Jason "notice the carved head in the mountain-- the Sleestak will play a role!" Evans

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    This looks brialliant.

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    Speaking of Camp..

    Jackman, Pitt, and Vin Diesel to star in the new THUNDERCATS movie...

    Thundercats Movie

    Just kidding. The trailer's a fake, but it's one of the best I've ever seen...
    "There can BE only one."

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    New Bern, NC unless it's a home football game then I'm grilling on Devil's Alley
    Q "Why do you like Duke, you didn't even go there." A "Because my art school didn't have a basketball team."

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    Paleontologist fashion sense

    Quote Originally Posted by CameronBornAndBred View Post
    How come paleontologists in the movies all wear the same things, but in real life, the paleontologists I know dress like the folks I've met on the DBR?

    ALSO, most anthropologists don't carry around a bullwhip like Indiana Jones.

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