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    Strawberry's runouts killed us

    How many did he have? I almost never ever criticize our team (or the coaches), but considering Coach K had told Vitale (and we heard it many times last night) that Coach thought that Strawberry was the best in the ACC at doing this, why didn't we have a plan for this. Or did we have a plan and it didn't get executed. Or is Strawberry so good at this that we can't recognize it or stop him if we did recognize it? Surely there is a defense for it.

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    A good plan is to punish them for playing 4 on 5. It didn't happen.

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    typically, whoever is at the top of the key when WE shoot the ball is supposed to drift back and play safety. Unfortunately, that tends to Paulus a lot since he is the point guard and it ended up being him and Strawberry one on one a lot last night and Strawberry is much to quick and strong for Greg. But you are right, those breakaways killed us.

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