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    CBS' One Shining Moment - a few clips down memory lane

    Here are some clips of old CBS' One Shining Moment videos. It's an excellent song - been done by Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross, although I slightly prefer Pendergrass' version - and the videos usually are great in capturing the emotional highs and lows of the tournament.




    1987 - the first "One Shining Moment" 20 years ago:

    Do a search on youtube and you'll find some others too. They brought back memories for me of players who have since faded into obscurity.

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    Hard to beat that 91 shining moment.

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    yea they are enjoyable

    they are also on itunes if you want to pay the $1.99, you can have them on your ipod

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    If One Shining Moment doesn't bring chills to you each and every time you view it, then you are not human. The 2001 version brings me to tears every time. Shane wanted that ring so much I can only imagine how I'd have felt for JJ last year That would have been an amazing moment...

    Just another reason why college basketball is the greatest sport in the world.

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    Quite enjoyable--had forgotten just how much I enjoyed watching Jason and Shane and the rest of that 2001 team. The 91 and 92 ones were cool too. Thanks!

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    Excellent - thanks for posting those links. One Shining Moment is the greatest song. I listen to it all year on my iPod. Those Duke championship season versions are a great trip down memory lane watching the Duke Pantheon - Laettner, Hurley, Hill, Williams, Battier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameron View Post
    Shane wanted that ring so much I can only imagine how I'd have felt for JJ last year
    Ugh. That still hurts.

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    I agree

    it did hurt, i think i always asumed we would see JJ and Shelden celebrating to that song, by the way, does anybody else remember reading in 5 pt play about K getting a one shininng moment video made, i forget though if it was the ACC tourney or the final four

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    Although the 1998 Tournament ended painfully for Duke, I like the 1998 One Shining Moment ( because it features one of my favorite plays in NCAA Tournament history -- the full-court hook-and-ladder play and buzzer-beating three-pointer by Bryce Drew that lifted Valpo over Ole Miss.

    Quote Originally Posted by BobbyFan View Post

    1987 - the first "One Shining Moment" 20 years ago:
    That one really is a trip down memory lane. Dean Smith, Bobby Cremins, Pete Gillen (coaching Xavier at the time), Rick Pitino (coaching Providence at the time), Billy Donovan (playing for Pitino at Providence at the time), Bobby Knight pounding the phone on the scorer's table, plus all the players on the Indiana and Syracuse teams that met in the title game that year -- Steve Alford, Keith Smart, Derrick Coleman, Sherman Douglas, Rony Seikaly, etc.

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