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    Poll skew for a Duke women's soccer player

    The Iron Dukes sent out an email requesting votes for Christie McDonald for the Lowe's Senior Class award. This is the blurb they posted. You can vote once daily, so poll-skew away! Right now a girl from the Naval Academy is in the lead with 23% and Christie has 10%.

    As a loyal member of the Iron Dukes, your contributions play a huge role in Duke’s coaches’ and student-athletes’ ability to compete for conference and national championships. Equally as important are the life-changing resources provided to our student-athletes that allow them to develop as individuals and help them become outstanding contributors to society. One such example is Miss Christie McDonald, a senior on Duke’s Women’s Soccer team. A three-time winner of the ACC honor roll while double-majoring in English and Theatre Studies, Christie is a finalist for the Lowe’s Senior Class Award.

    The award, given annually to senior student-athletes across nine NCAA Division I sports, has become one of the most prestigious honors in college athletics. The candidates qualified based on their dedication and achievement in four areas: Classroom, Character, Community and Competition. The Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award is distinctive from many other honors in that on-the-field performance is only one factor in determining candidacy - a major emphasis is placed on off-the-field commitments and personal character.

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    P.S. I just re-read their email and TODAY (11/19) is the last day, so go vote!!

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    Voted! Hopefully she manages to pull together the votes to win, or at least get close. The Lowe's Senior Class Award seems like an incredible award to win. Hopefully the coaches and national media members will pull together enough votes for her to win!

    But until then, let's give her as many votes as we can. Even if she doesn't win the poll, the votes will still be counted alongside the coaches' votes and could possibly be the deciding factor for her!

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