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    Are you this honest?

    This guy disqualified himself in a golf tournament that would have let him play the PGA tour next year. He disqualified himself for using a prototype golf ball not approved for competition by the United States Golf Association.

    No one knew, he could've gotten away with it, it probably ahd no effect on his game and yet he was honest. And it cost him his tour card.

    What would you have done? I try to be a honest golfer but not sure if I would have done the same thing.

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    I saw this on ESPN this morning. Crazy!

    I definitely give the guy props- like you said, it cost him his tour card and in turn, $$$$. ESPN was pointing out that it's a self-policing sport, like tennis up to certain levels. You call penalties on yourself, and that's what he did. He was brought up in the sport like that and wouldn't have handled it any other way.

    I'm not a golfer, so I have no idea what I would've done (though I like to think I'd follow his lead), but still, wow.

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    Wow. But, it is worth noting that JP Hayes has made a lot of money in his career and had a lot of success. If he wanted to, he could retire right now and be a pro at a local club and live a very comfortable life. I am not saying what he did was not tremendously honest and praiseworthy, but it is not like this was a guy trying to make it on the Tour for the first time, ya know?

    He will still get exemptions into about a dozen events and gets to recharge his batteries a bit and spend time with his family. It might be the best career move he has ever made.

    So, my answer is, I am not sure but I could easily see doing the same thing in his position.

    --Jason "still, great honesty and a fabulous example" Evans

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    It wouldn't have happened in any other sport.
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