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Thread: Boozer's son

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    Boozer's son

    Has anyone heard how Carlos Boozer's son is doing? An article I read from last December said they wouldn't know if the new procedure took until August or September this year.

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    I believe he is supposed to be on ESPN.360 this week discussing this very topic.

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    I can not provide a link, but I seem to remember that the transplant ( marrow/stem cell ) was successful. Doc

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    The espn.360 is now up on the website.

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    as a father who has endured the crisis of my own son's bone marrow transplant, i know how much of a drain this can be to someone's life.

    our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, carlos...

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    God bless the Boozers and their handsome little boys. God bless moonpie's son, too.

    Wow, I'm getting tears in my eyes....

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    Their story is front page of ESPN

    Here is the link. Nice photo, too.
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    I'm a long-time lurker mostly, but I gotta say that story about Carlos and his little boy is really something to read, highly recommended. God Bless them.

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    Check out the links on the DBR main page. The story and video are so touching! Even though the story is long, I suggest reading it because it is so powerful. All I can say is WOW!

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    I watched the ESPN E:60 broadcast last night and the story is compelling and touching, and it's great to know it's had a happy ending to date. I would have been engrossed in the story even if Carlos had gone to another school (except UCONN or Kentucky or UNC ). I was also extremely impressed by Carlos and his wife. I hadn't seen Carlos interviewed much during his time at Duke or even now that he's become and NBA star, and it's great to see what a thoughtful, compassionate and bright person he is. He is an outstanding representative of Duke.
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    just read the story on espn and all i can say is WOW!! what a terrific story and what a great outcome! i wish carlos and his family the greatest of health and happiness!!

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