View Poll Results: What was the low point of the year for you?

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  • The men's team and their disappointing season overall

    20 19.42%
  • Josh not developing as expected by some

    9 8.74%
  • Greg struggling at the start

    1 0.97%
  • The end of the women's season

    28 27.18%
  • JJ being buried on the Magic bench

    2 1.94%
  • The lacrosse thing

    43 41.75%
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    What was the biggest downer of the year?

    First let me say this is not meant to be destructive.

    But I am curious; my friends who are Duke alumni seem to agree on what the biggest low point was, and I am wondering if everyone agrees?

    So here; which was the worst part of the year for you?

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    1) LAX.

    2) The way our fans have acted about this men's basketball season.

    3) Women's losses to State and Rutgers.
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    The Women's season would be my vote. It sucks being the overall number 1 seed only to be dumped by Rutgers in the Sweet the free throw line. No contest there.

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    Does the LAX thing really count as a downer this year? I guess its created a disconnect and source of contention between members of the faculty, the students and the athletic dept and the greater Durham yes I guess that is a downer. Least it'll be dismissed soon.

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    The biggest downer for me was losing to UNC and then how the Henderson vs. Tyler incident exploded across the airwaves further expanding the anti-Duke bias in many peoples eyes. That incident probably cost us an ACC tourney game and fueled the Duke hatred even hotter. Man Henderson is going to be hearing it from the UNC fans next year. (And every other ACC school most likely.) How many times do you think we will see the replay over the next decade?

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    I didn't think of the Henderson thing.

    I honestly felt like the lax thing was the worst part of the year, because it really put such a pall on everything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by throatybeard View Post
    1) LAX.

    2) The way our fans have acted about this men's basketball season.

    3) Women's losses to State and Rutgers.
    I couldn't have said it any better.

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    lacrosse stuff.

    and, the hit by henderson on TH.


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    H vs H / LAX

    Ash, the LAX incident will be a black eye on Duke University for the next fifty years even after the charges are dropped. It brought to a head feelings about race, social status and sexism that had been lying underneath the surface for years. And while we now know more about what really occurred and didn't occur this is a chance for Duke University and the citizens of Durham to make changes. Duke would be foolish to say, "okay the charges were dropped, back to the same old same old". The faculty and students at Duke need to reach out and be a part of the Durham community and stop viewing themselves as some kind of independent state in Durham County. At the same time the citizens of Durham need to stop trying to make Duke out to be the scapegoat for all their woes and feelings of distrust. While attending Duke is a privilege (one that many citizens of the state of North Carolina couldn't afford if they had the grades.) no student should look down upon any local for not being as wealthy, smart or of lower social status. I just wonder what would have happened if Nifong was allowed to go about his witch hunt without anyone re-examining the facts of the case.
    The Henderson vs. Hansbrough incident in many ways was just as damaging as LAX if not more so. The incident will never go to any trial except in the court of public opinion. And unlike Larry Brown sucker punching Art Heyman in 1961 the H vs. H incident has video that can be shown over and over for the next ten years. Intentional or not when Tyler's nose met Gerald's forearm it changed Duke hating / bashing from being simply okay to being the "in" thing to do. (I'm waiting to see Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan in "Duke Sucks" shirts next week.) That footage will be shown over and over the next few years by networks when they talk about the passion of the Duke / UNC rivalry. But it will also assist them in their agenda to tarnish Duke in any way, shape or form they can. Duke already had 50 rusty knives in their collective back before blood was spilled. That incident put the spotlight on Duke and it's players so intense it's almost like a laser now. (Not that LAX didn't help focus that same spotlight.) It wouldn't surprise me if that scrutiny contributed to McRoberts leaving or keeps Patrick Patterson from suiting up for our Blue Devils.

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    Lacrosse Mess

    Definitely the lacrosse mess... especially being on campus and having to deal with all of it. The first few weeks afterwards with the ridiculous media presence on campus, the Black Panthers, and all of the over-the-top Nancy Grace-esque reporting was a lot to handle. It definitely transcended sports. It affected almost every aspect of Duke University. I'm actually shocked that people would vote for a few missed Harding free throws over this.

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    The LAX case was the pits

    "no student should look down upon any local for not being as wealthy, smart or of lower social status."

    No they should not, but...IMO Duke students do NOT look down on any local in the way you suggest. Making these kinds of groundless statements just serves to reinforce the BS peddled by the gang of 88 and their fellow travelers in the Durham community.

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    IMO Duke students do NOT look down on any local in the way you suggest
    Really? I hear students make derogatory comments about Durham all the time.

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    What throatybeard said

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    For me, it was JWill's attempted NBA comeback that fell short this season, and the lack of updates afterward (is he still trying to play???). This disappointment was compounded by Shav's injury, and to a lesser extent, J.J.'s injuries and lack of PT, and even Shaun Livingston's injury.

    All of these events seem to send echoes of Hurley's car accident, Grant Hill's injury problems, and they just reinforce the general realization that after our guys leave Duke, it is never the same as those "glory days" at Cameron. And this makes it sadder to see seniors graduate, and to see guys like Josh leave early.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Berg View Post
    Really? I hear students make derogatory comments about Durham all the time.
    I make derogatory statements about Durham, but that's only because I've lived in SOOOO many other better cities. (I've also lived in a worse town -- Enterprise, Alabama.) Has nothing to do with the fact that I am Dukie.

    That said, when I was at Duke, I stayed over the summer for 3 of my four years, and loved being out and about in Durham when the majority of the Duke students were gone.

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    Response To Virginian

    No they should not, but...IMO Duke students do NOT look down on any local in the way you suggest. Making these kinds of groundless statements just serves to reinforce the BS peddled by the gang of 88 and their fellow travelers in the Durham community.

    Virginian, I did not mean to suggest Duke students are condescending or feel they are supperior to the "townies" in Durham. I also know many Duke students and faculty work with children, the United Way etc. to better themselves and the Durham community. However I live in Burlington right next door to Elon University. Like Duke that school has a large portion of the student body from the northern states, particularly New Jersey and New York. I can not and will not speak for Duke or the citizens of Durham. (Although the feelings of hatred that reared their ugly head just after the LAX case didn't spring up over night.) But with Elon many (not all) of the students view the locals as common white mill trash unworthy to scrape the gum off their shoe. To many northerners we southerners are still viewed as inbred, trailer living, NASCAR watching hicks. It may not be verbalized so much as an attitude some people exude. And again I am speaking of Elon NOT Duke per say right now.

    At the same time you have to be able and look at the perspective of many locals. Sure it could be jealousy at not being able to get into, yet alone afford to attend Duke. UNC prides itself as being a school of the people and for the people (yet I have seen the same elitist attitude portrayed by it's students as well in Chapel Hill.) and that is one reason why they have so many more fans than Duke. Call it a inferiority complex hangover from civil war carpet baggers, but many southerners find "yankees' coming here to go to school irritating. Is that ignorant? Sure probably, and to stereotype a Duke student, UNC student or even Elon student into certain a category is wrong. But it is just as wrong from any student to come here from ANY other state or country, stereotype the locals and treat them with less respect than they deserve. The Gang of 88 took an incident (LAX) and ran with it claiming it to be another example in a long line of bias, descrimination, racism, sexism and any other negative mud they could sling. As we have discovered since the allegations hit, most if not all of the AV's acusations were unfounded and the DA was catering to any group in Durham he could to get votes for re-election. The Gang of 88 played the race card and it backfired on them. Nifong sought to make a name for himself by taking a molehill and turning it into a mountain. But regardless of that, perceptions by everyone involved about how this group really is and that group really is were there long before LAX. There may be only a grain of truth to the stereotypes and reasons for mistrust but that means there is some truth none the less. My whole point is instead of sweeping the mess under the carpet issues should be addressed by all sides involved. The LAX story is a tragedy for everyone involved, especially the three accused players who hopefully will have their charges dropped soon. This is a chance for Duke University and Durham to come together and talk over the differences that came boiling over when the story first hit. It's a chance for Duke to let the natives know it's students aren't just here to be enriched, but to enrich the community as well. Doing so would benefit Duke, Durham and the entire state. Ignoring the feelings of the citizens of Durham (justified or unjustified) would be foolish and waiting for the same sentiments to come out in the future.

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    Burlington, eh? I lived there a while too, right by the circle K and the food lion off of the highway.

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    Burlington... a far-flung suburb of greater Saxapahaw.

    Anyway, the worst thing about any Duke basketball season is having it be over.

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    Biggest downer for me was not being able to see one of the best teams Coach G has ever assembled cut down the nets at any juncture - ACC tourney, Regionals, FF

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    I'd have to go with Josh not developing into the star player that we needed so desperately this season. Sure he had a few good games, passed well, and showed traces of great dribbling and shot blocking brilliance, but Josh played nowhere near the level he needed to offensively for our team to improve at the rate we needed to. We were lacking one "big" star this season, and that was the person Josh needed to be.

    I know it is not worth discussing anymore, especially since Josh is now entering the Draft, but had he developed into that player who could take games over down the stretch, we would have won 26, 27 games this season and contended for a run to the Final Four. Josh looked incredible at times, mainly in the BC game back in Feburary. But others, it just seemed he was nowhere to be found.

    I still have no idea how his shot could look so horrible. It just baffles me that this area of his game wasn't vastly improved going into the season. Oh well, though, I guess. The season is now over and it is time to move on from this qualm. I wish him luck in the NBA and hope he can succeed.

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