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    Chevy Rock & Roll 400

    Going to the Richmond race. Was wondering if anyone else had plans to attend and would be interested in making a day of it. We arrive early Sat to get a decent parking space. Set up the canopy and grill and just relax until the race. If anyone is interested, PM me.

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    Too far south for me to go...was trying to get some others to head up to Loudon, NH but will end up being in Vegas that weekend instead.

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    Post Not going

    It's hard to go much of anywhere in the semester.

    I am REALLY hoping this is the first week of fantasy NASCAR in which I win.

    This time I will go with Biff ...

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    Ahh, Biffle...43rd place Biffle.

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    Not going to Richmond this weekend. But, I am going to the Bank of America 500 in Charlotte in October. This will be my first race.

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    Thumbs up Beware of Biffle

    Quote Originally Posted by YmoBeThere View Post
    Ahh, Biffle...43rd place Biffle.
    The power of the DBR karma. Remember, you're rapidly approaching the 3M mark as well. Biffle benefited from the DBR shoutout last week.

    If Billybreen actually says the word "Biffle," you KNOW Biff's going to be a demon on the race track.

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    MPH and I will be there, though I suspect the race is going to be rained out Saturday night, and won't be run until Sunday.

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