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    You cannot make this stuff up-ACC baseball

    From ACC press release. In-house scheduling error? Seriously?

    "Fenway Sports Group announced today that due to an in-house scheduling error, it will be unable to host the 2009 ACC Baseball Championship.

    “We sincerely apologize for the error that resulted in Fenway Park being unavailable to host the 2009 ACC Baseball Championship,” said Mike Dee, President of Fenway Sports Group. “The Atlantic Coast Conference and its baseball championship are very important to us and we are truly sorry for this situation.”

    In the immediate future, the ACC will look to secure a new venue to host the 2009 championship. Further information on the 2009 event will be released directly by the conference office as soon as it’s available.

    “It’s disappointing that this scheduling error has resulted in the upcoming championship not being played at Fenway Park, but we look forward to being at Fenway in 2010,” said ACC Commissioner John Swofford. “In terms of this year’s event, we are moving swiftly to find a quality venue to host one of our premiere conference championships.” "

    Although the originally-scheduled 2009 championship is not able to be played in Fenway, the ACC and FSG have agreed to terms to bring the 2010 ACC Baseball Championship to Boston and Fenway Park.

    “We look forward to bringing ACC baseball to Fenway and will do everything possible to make 2010 a great success,” said Dee

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    Bring it to the DBAP.

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    maybe they could go to "little Fenway" down in Greenville, SC

    West End Ballpark

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    A scheduling error? Is that as specific as it gets? The MLB schedule doesn't come out until late fall, and if the conflict is Patriot's Day, that's blocked off every year! What else could they possibly be using Fenway for?

    That said, on the continuum of Red Sox-Related Errors this one ranks pretty low. Like around Dave Henderson missing Bobby Grich's home run in the 1986 ALCS.
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