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    Which #1 (s) will lose?

    Sure, this could be the year that all 4 #1 seeds advance to the FF, but something tells just won't happen. Would be interesting though simply for the fact that last year, all the "experts" were saying that THAT was the year all 4 would make it. And then none of them did. With the exception of maybe UNC-GTown, I see every other game as a tossup. In any case, I think all will be close games. Nothing more than a gut feeling, but I'm gonna say OSU won't make it to Atlanta. Thoughts?

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    The "something" that tells me it won't happen is the roughly 1 in 16 (2^4) odds against it happening still.

    Fla is so ripe for the picking right now. I think Oregon's quickness and shooting ability takes them down.

    I could see UNC blowing out Georgetown by capitalizing on turnovers.

    OSU edges Memphis thanks to some Conley heroics.

    KU wins a defensive slugfest with UCLA.

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    Final Four

    Kansas and Ohio State lose. UNC and Florida win. So Final Four = Florida, UCLA, UNC, & Memphis.

    Bob Green
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    OSU is the pick that looks most certain, as far as who would lose first. Which of course means that the Bucks will probably claw their way to Atlanta, and one of the heavily favored 1s will lose. I'd say Kansas, just because UCLA is one of the best defensive teams I've seen in 10-15 years.

    I don't know who can save us and beat UNC, but it's not Georgetown. UNC is looking pretty good to advance to the final.


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    Ohio State likely to go out, but...

    Ohio State cannot expect to do the Houdini thing against Memphis and their thugs and thug coach. I expect the Buckeyes to lose today. However, if they should make it to play UNC, there is a lot of incentive in Columbus for a rematch. They were shorthanded and very inexperienced when they played in Chapel Hill. It may not sound logical when I think that they will lose against Memphis, and it probably isn't, but if they advance and play UNC again, I think the Buckeyes will win.

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    My bracket on, which predicted 7 of the elite 8, has G'town, Ohio State, UCLA and Florida.

    Other than picking Duke, ODU and Wisconsin to get to the Sweet 16, I was pretty accurate. (Bracket name is "SharkD")

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