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Thread: Novak to Duke

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    See Ya!

    Quote Originally Posted by roywhite View Post

    Make political comments on the thread. Then, step up the comments to the really inappropriate level, calling Novak a "scumbag".

    When posters object, complain that the thread doesn't belong here and throw in some irrelevant comment about how the Clintons would be trashed.

    When asked, refuse to apologize.

    Continue your tantrum. I'm done on this thread.
    Next play!

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    Me, too.

    I'm done with this thread. I hope it's DNR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slower View Post
    Fair enough.

    Now I can see that anybody who is a basketball fan of any stripe who gets treated by or at Duke is somehow relevant to Duke basketball.

    Thanks for the clarification.
    Seriously? Wow. +1 for the ignore list

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    Quote Originally Posted by slower View Post
    Then in the future (hopefully), perhaps people will keep their NON-basketball related posts off of this board, where they do NOT belong. Put this stuff on the off-topic or public policy boards.

    And while we're on the subject of being unforgiving, I'd love to see the posts if the subject had been Bill or Hillary Clinton instead of Novak. If you don't think THAT would be an unforgiving thread, you are not in touch with reality.

    Mods, PLEASE move or lock this thing. I don't come here to read about Robert Novak, I come here to read about BASKETBALL.
    Granted that maybe this shouldn't have been placed on this board but either way you where still way out of line with your remarks!! Love how when someone gets called on their out ofline remarks they take the offensive instead of stepping up like an honorable person and admitting their mistake.

    As for the Clinton's they are what they are. Some folks love them and some folks hate them, just the way it is. Frankly more folks get riled up about Bill and Hillary then folks about Novak.

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    Novak, us, and basketball

    I originally posted the info about Bob Novak because his story seemed to transcend basketball.

    Certainly Gary Williams and the Terp basketball team have no bigger fan than Bob Novak. From a personal perspective, I abhor how Gary runs the MD program and I completely disagree with Novak's political views (and behavior).

    However, isn't it instructive that sometimes we need to get past all of this partisanship...especially when we need help? I can imagine that were they not in China, K and/or Mickie would be at DUMC to offer any assistance they could to the Novak family.

    Isn't it terrific that we all support this great university where even our most vociferous foes will choose to receive world class medical care?

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    I've never been a fan of Novak's politics but I remember watching him years ago when he was on the McLaughlin report. During one show John McLaughlin ridiculed "Novakio" in his absence from the show because the absence was due to the ACC tournament. I thought "hmm, that guy has his priorities in the right place after all!" I mean who wouldn't rather be at the ACC tournamant than in some stuffy TV studio?

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