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    ^ Now that gets down to the nub of it. If he had any serious NBA interest, he would have taken the Lakers job. I think he is a Dukie, for now and evermore.

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    No! Comments by Olympic players prove that Coach K has their total respect and they love playing for him. Coach K has proven that he can coach NBA players. The NBA involves a lot of travel/time away from family--at his age, Coach K does not need that. With his love of family and love of Duke, I would be shocked to see him coaching in the NBA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atlanta Duke View Post
    Coaching pros in the Olympics who are motivated to focus on team goals is not quite the same experience as coaching players griping about playing time and scoring opportunities at the end of a long road trip in February before a half empty arena of bored fans in some place like Atlanta (not that I have a jaundiced view of the NBA or anything
    i completely agree...i think K will realize that the group he has at the olympics is a far from normal team...he can't rationally except every team in the NBA to be that talented and that selfless and team oriented.

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