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    ESPN's take on coaches summers, and a good photo

    Good pic here of Wojo and K.
    Interesting article, and interesting photo choice. This year, this article totally does not apply to 1/3rd of the people in the picture. I think their schedule is a litte different this summer than everyone else's.

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    Wojo's thinking

    Oh dear God is that Jamal Magloire walking over here.

    Just kidding he's ready for a program of his own. A small one don't make the mistake Quinn Snyder did by jumping to a major program right away without getting prep work of a smaller program where head coaches do more work and learn more facets on how to run a program.

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    Great Pic

    Too bad the article is written by Dana O'neil...I'd almost read it, but given her track record with ripping any program around, I will pass.

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