Thoughts? I think in terms of recruiting, this was a very bad move on the army's part. They could have worked out something to defer his commitment until after the situation with the Lions played itself out. If the team cut him, then yes he could serve right away. Or if he made the team, they could have let him play until his career was over. Isn't the average NFL career like 5 years or something anyway? And then let him serve his country at the age of what, like 27! He could still be on active duty and its not like he'd be over the hill. I understand the risk of injury, but then he could have a desk job with the army. Plus, while he played, he could still be a recruiter. Its like the Navy always says, David Robinson is our best recruiter. Give kids these days more options and flexibility and maybe recruitment goes up (I'm not going to go into the currently at war issue since this is the off topic board!).