Your First Visit to Cameron (or, at least in a long while)

First Time Visitorís Guide to Cameron


Many of your questions can be answered in the comprehensive Duke Menís Basketball A-Z Game Day Guide at goduke.com. Any information there likely supersedes the information here.


When do doors open?

Generally, it is one hour prior to tipoff for ticket holders, 90 minutes prior for students. General admission lines form much earlier.


Tell me about General Admission tickets.

General admission tickets are usually in Section 17, the lower portion where the students usually sit and on the side you normally see on TV. If classes are in session, you will likely be on the far ends of the section (behind the baseline) with the students filling most of the section. If students have gone home (most typically over Christmas Break), most of the entire section will be available to you, though there will be as small, but strong, contingent of undergrads. Students will be let in before the general admission ticket holders. To get the best seats, plan on being in line before the doors open one hour before tipoff. If you are short (under 5í or so) or have young children, you might be able to obtain better positioning in one of the front rows if you get there early.


You will stand for the entirety of the game, except halftime, so itís not an ideal ticket for those who cannot stand for a long time. Young children will likely need to be held or put on your shoulders. If you can stand and donít have children with you, this is a great ticket to stand and cheer and take on a Crazie persona! The students very much enjoy interacting with guests and making Cameron the great atmosphere it is. Donít feel reserved or inhibited from cheering loudly because you are not a student. Because it is very crowded and is standing room only, it can be difficult to get in and out of the stands during a timeout, so plan accordingly for snacks, beverages, and restroom breaks. Itís also very crowded, so plan on getting your souvenirs after the game so you donít have to figure out where to put them.


What to Wear

Wear Duke Blue! Obviously, you will want to wear your cherished Duke gear. Short sleeves are preferred as it is usually very warm (hot, even) in Cameron, particularly if your ticket is in the bleachers. You may overheat in a sweater or sweatshirt.


You may or may not need a coat. Check the weather. If thereís any way to avoid bringing a coat into Cameron, do so. Otherwise, bring a plastic trashbag to hold your coats, purses, and other items. If you are upstairs, put this under your seat. Coats on the seat backs tend to slide down onto the floor, and those big souvenir cups can easily overturn leaving you with a soggy coat. If you are downstairs in the bleachers, you will put this on the floor near you as you stand on the bleachers. In this case, the bag not only protects your gear, it contains it as well. Itís very crowded down there.


Ladies: purses and bags are searched on the way in. Given the propensity for drinks to be spilled a few rows behind you, you donít want to find the bottom of your best Coach purse swimming in soda. If you can arrange to be without a handbag, youíre likely better off.


Bottled beverages donít spill nearly as easily as the souvenir cups Ė bottled sodas are available in the Hall of Honor and bottled water is available at all concession stands.


If you are bringing small children, you may want to bring some earplugs. It can get very loud in Cameron causing many young children to cover their ears. Some are so uncomfortable that they want to leave.


Restrooms in Cameron

Lines at the restroom can be very long prior to tip-off, at half-time, and after the games. It behooves you to watch your liquid intake before arriving in Cameron and during the game. It can take most of half-time to wait through the lines. This holds true for both women and men! That said, it can also be quite a strenuous workout to cheer for the team, so be sure not to dehydrate.


What are the must-see areas in and around Cameron?


* Krzyzewskiville.

Tents go up after students return from winter break. If Krzyzewskiville is in full swing, get there before the students go in to see them preparing for the game. If not, at least get your picture taken with the Krzyzewskiville sign. Donít be afraid to ask some Crazies to take a photo with you, as well, if you like.


* Displays and photos are located around the upstairs concourse in Cameron. If you get there early, youíll be able to walk around the concourse and view the displays unimpeded by crowds. Great photo opportunities here.


* The Hall of Honor, upstairs on the west side, facing the Krzyzewski Center for Academic Excellence. The Hall of Honor showcases some of the great players who donít have their jerseys retired.


* Basketball Museum & Sports Hall of Fame. This is where the National Championship trophies are displayed, along with much more. It is on the second floor of the Schwartz-Butters building, next to Cameron on the north (quad) side. Enter through the Schwartz-Butters building or the Hall of Honor in Cameron. Itís open weekdays from 9-5. It is also open on game days 5 hours before tip-off or 9am, whichever is later. It closes 1.5 hours before the game and reopens one hour before tip-off for those with tickets to the game.


* Duke Stores have a stand on the upper level in Cameron behind sections 4 & 5, and another between 13 & 14. The lower level stand is between sections 18 & 19 (in the corner closest to the visitorís bench). There is also a larger Team Shop located in Card Gym. The largest store is in the Bryan Center. Unless youíre buying something to wear during the game, this is best done after the game when you donít have to keep up with your purchases during the game (particularly in the bleachers).


* Pictures of the National Championship banners, retired jerseys, and other court photos usually can be taken after the game, if youíre patient.


How do I get autographs/meet the players?

Players sometimes come back into Cameron after the games. You might also hang out between Cameron and Krzyzewskiville after the games to catch them on their way back to campus. Youíll have to be patient, as the players have plenty of team, media, and training obligations to do before they can shower and leave. Some of them can be quite pokey, and others may choose to use back exits.


The players typically exit the locker room from a small door adjacent to the Undergraduate student entrance in an alley-like area next to the stairs leading up to Schwartz-Butters and the Hall of Fame. While not all players exit this way all of the time, itís a safe bet.


Bring your own permanent marker and something to autograph: a white hat, the back of a white shirt, a sturdy piece of poster board, an autograph book, or purchase an autograph ball.


Lodging and Logistics


Where should I stay?

The Washington Duke Inn is a five star hotel just across the street from campus. It is within walking distance of Cameron (and likely closer than most public parking). Itís well worth the little extra cost for the experience and convenience.


Another on-campus accommodation is the R. David Thomas Executive Conference Center.


Several nearby hotels have shuttle buses for the game, particularly those near the medical center. Check with your hotel.


Where do I park?

Please follow the signs to public parking! If you donít have an Iron Duke parking pass, avoid turning onto Towerview or Science Drive as you will be turned away. If you are on 751 or University Drive, your best bet is to stay in the lane furthest from campus. Donít be the car who ignores the signs and stops the Iron Duke line of traffic while the officer explains that you need to be in the other lane, then stopping that lane of traffic while you get over. A two minute distance now takes 10-20 minutes.


Park and Walk lots are off Research Drive and LaSalle Streets. Courtesy Shuttle lots are off of Flowers and Anderson. See the Duke Menís Basketball A-Z Game Day Guide for more information. Some game days are filled with many other events, so checking GoDuke.com the day before the game should inform you of any extra events on campus that could complicate parking.


Campus Attractions

* Wallace Wade is usually open to walk around, as the concourse functions as overflow parking for the Iron Duke lots.


* Walking around the quads is one of the best ways to get a feel for the campus experience.


* The Bryan Center is the student union where you can find coffee, casual restaurants, and the Bookstore with plenty of Duke merchandise. It is always open before and after games.


* The Chapel. Tours are available. The carillon plays weekdays at 5pm.


* Perkins & Bostock Libraries


* Duke Gardens


* Nasher Art Museum


* Duck Shop on 9th Street for more memorabilia and merchandise



Check out our Google map with restaurants we like for game day meals, meaning reasonably fast, reasonably priced, and near Duke. This is not an all-inclusive list of great Durham restaurants! The restaurant scene is Durham is quite vibrant and is constantly changing. We can't possibly keep up a comprehensive list of the great restaurants in Durham and the Triangle. There are many, many more options than we list in our map!


You'll also find the campus attractions listed on the map, as well as the location of parking areas. You'll see the list of points in the box on the left; you'll have to zoom in the map, but as you pan around and determine your route, you'll see the restaurants along with links to their website. Enjoy!



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