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03-12-2008, 06:40 AM
Congrats on Big East COY.

This article is another example of why he's a great coach:

"There was a third option, which Brey presented when he visited McAlarney's home two days after the suspension came down: Return to Notre Dame.
Brey knew it'd be a tough sell. Notre Dame was way behind in the game to regain McAlarney's trust. Brey's 30-point reference doesn't have to do with an actual game; it's metaphorical for how small a chance Notre Dame had of getting McAlarney back."We were down 30 points when I left [for Staten Island]," he said. "I told Kyle, 'You may not forgive Notre Dame right away. Come on back and get involved with our basketball program. In time you'll say I'm proud I'm a Notre Dame grad. "

It's a longer article, but well worth the read.