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Bob Green
02-21-2008, 03:37 AM
There are a couple of big match-ups this weekend in ACC play. The Maryland @ Miami and Wake Forest @ UNC outcomes have the potential to really impact post season play. IMO, Miami and Wake Forest are both very much alive in the hunt for an NCAA tournament bid. Obviously, their wins over Duke help them immensely. However, Miami is 5-6 in ACC play and needs to defeat Maryland to even out at .500%. Wake Forest has a little more breathing room but not much at 6-5. The ACC will probably receive four or five bids and with Wake Forest and Miami improving, who is declining? Clemson and Maryland cannot afford to falter down the stretch. I see seven ACC teams still in competition for those four (maybe five) spots:

Duke - lock
UNC - lock
Wake Forest
Virginia Tech

I don't see N.C. State making the cut. Anyway, I'm just throwing this out on the board so other people can pipe up and point out the errors in my logic. It's eight days to March and the college basketball season is getting very interesting.

02-21-2008, 06:48 AM
The UNC game could be more interesting than it seems at first. Wake is awfully quick in the back court, but also has some size up front. And ironically enough, Lawson's probable return to action could upset, temporarilty, the rhythm that UNC has developed on offense without him.

Clemson has got to be the most difficult team to understand. They play all over the place.

I think NCSU is on the brink of a complete and utterly disasterous collapse that could shorten Lowe's tenure. If it happens, and carries into next year, it will cripple his recruiting and basically finish him at State.

02-21-2008, 09:16 AM
VT might be a stretch. They've were on a three game slide before they beat Maryland. They have to play GT next (who they lost to), then BC (who they beat), Wake Forest (who they lost to), and then their last game is at Clemson.

02-22-2008, 08:27 AM
Last Wednesday was difficult. My wife and I took our son and his fiancé out for dinner and discussed their wedding plans for this fall. Not only did I miss the games but I returned home to learn that both Duke and Maryland had lost. This was on top of finding out what the groom’s parents are expected to contribute toward this joyous occasion. I’ve just about recovered from that evening and will contribute my two cents to Bob Green’s thread.

In addition to Duke playing St. Johns, there are five ACC games. First, I see the Devils easily taking care of the Johnnies at CIS. Second, I agree with Bob that Maryland-Miami and Wake-UNC games are important games. Wake and Miami are making strong runs and Maryland and Clemson are trying to hold on.

Maryland @ Miami - The Canes have won three ACC games in a row, have a good overall record, a nice RPI and, if they can win 3 of their remaining 5 games, they will probably get a bid to the NCAA. They have played the Terps tough in recent years and Asbury played like first round draft pick in one of those games. The Terps’ starters may be running out of gas (emotional as well as physical). Not only have they played major minutes but the reserves contribute literally nothing which can add to the mental stress. While the starting five matches up well with Miami and the Terps can guard the three, Hayes is still hurting and he and Gist are in slumps. I hope the Terps pull it out but I see the Canes continuing their comeback with a win at home.

Wake @ UNC - As I have stated many times, I really like the makeup of the Wake squad and see them as a real force in the ACC next year. However, I suspect that the Heels are ready to make a strong push to win the regular season championship and that they will be very difficult to defeat at home; particularly, if Ellington can make some threes. This should be a fun game to watch as the Wake bigs try to contain Hansbrough and their backcourt puts pressure on the Heels backcourt to guard them. Wake needs to make some threes to stay close.

Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech – IMO, GT has more talent but VT has more incentive and they are playing at home. The Hokies should win another and stay in the hunt.

NC State @ Virginia – Virginia isn’t a good team but State hasn’t produced as expected. State has more talent but I expect Virginia to win one at home.

BC @ FSU – This should be a good matchup between Rice and Douglas. Neither team is going anywhere and the young players on BC may be hitting the wall. I expect the Noles to win a close one.


02-22-2008, 08:38 AM
Anyone else want to bet that Dwayne Collins plays nowhere near as good this weekend for Miami? It seems anytime Duke plays a game, the opposition has a guy who's going to have his career game.