View Full Version : Coach K's Basketball and Beyond

Billy Dat
12-13-2007, 05:05 PM
Coach K's radio show is now available via iTunes including episodes from last year. Not being a satellite radio subscriber, this is my first exposure to this show.

I'm not sure what I think of it....

On the plus side, I know that Coach is a guy who has said that if he was just a coach, he'd go crazy because there are so many things that he wants to do. So, this show helps feed that hunger to be more then a coach and it dovetails with the "leadership guru" persona that he has been ambitiously cultivating in the 2000s. I get that.

On the less positive side, I don't think that the more dynamic aspects of his personality come through the airwaves. I am reminded of a few not so flattering comparisons:

-"The Chris Farley Show" skit from SNL where every guest is fawned over and Chris answers every anecdote with "That was awesome". Coach isn't that bad, but every guest is such a fawning love fest. I have gotten the impression over the years that K was a quick wit with at least a hint of a sarcastic edge...I'd like to see him bring that edge out a little more in these interviews. He comes across like he just drank a bottle of cough syrup.

-Dave Sims is a ridiculous Ed MacMahon to K's Johnny Carson. He is such a ridiculous presence who adds nothing but to fluff K up.

To end on a positive note, I will never compare Coach's show to The Magic Hour - Earvin Johnson's ill fated 1990s late night talk show. That was a complete train-wreck.

Coach is who he is, and we love him, and I'll keep listening...and wincing.