View Full Version : Season Stats (so far)

11-21-2007, 11:01 AM
After four games, several of the season stats for the Devils are outstanding. They are shooting 51% from the field, 42% from beyond the three-point line and nearly 75% from the foul line. The stats that I really like, however, concern ballhandling and protecting the ball. Last year, their assist to turnover ratio started off below 1.00 and stayed that way. They now have an A/TO of 1.22. They donít have any individual leaders in the ACC because they are well-balanced but Singler (shooting %), Paulus (apg and a/to) are among the leaders in the ACC.

Individuals in the ACC who have started off well include Hickson, Hansbrough and Swann. It is expected that Hickson and Hansbrough will be among the leaders in scoring, rebounding and shooting but Swannís performance is an early season surprise. He was a starter as a junior who took a back seat to his backcourt mates. After six games, he is averaging 18 ppg based on 56% from the field, 53% from three-point and 100% (23-23) from the foul line. I expect him to cool off but it is a terrific start to his senior year.

It is easy to see why the Terps have struggled. They are next to last in shooting from the field (42%) and three-point (26%), and they are dead last in turnover margin and a/to. Poor shooting and lousy ballhandling are a recipe for a long season. I continue to find it amazing that coaches recruit players who are good run-jump athletes who canít shoot and then get their teeth handed to them by mid-majors whose roster is full of players who arenít big enough or quick enough but who have good basketball skills.