View Full Version : DBR Podcast #168 - Countdown Preview, Duke-GT Recap

10-14-2019, 12:57 AM
With Jason traveling somewhere in Europe, Sam and I do the show this week as we preview Countdown to Craziness and recap Duke Football's win over Georgia Tech. We close this shorter show with Parting Shots. Here is Episode 168 (https://soundcloud.com/dbrpodcast/dbr-podcast-168-countdown-to-craziness-preview-duke-football-recap)!!

0:00 - Welcome! Donald and Sam are excited about #DCSports, while Jason is on vacation and absent this week
2:30 - Thank you Byrd Campbell!
2:48 - Sam learns that I RickRoll everyone on Uberconference!
4:02 - We start with Countdown to Craziness!
4:19 - Sam is excited to see the new jerseys, as is Donald!
4:40 - Sam is also looking forward to seeing the freshmen for the first time
7:12 - Sam is not excited about the player intros, but Donald definitely is
7:39 - Sam wants to see the evolution of Tre Jones’ game
8:16 - Donald is excited to have something to talk about with regards to who plays with whom
9:22 - Donald likes that the player intros allows the players to show their personality (just don’t flip cups or bottles!)
11:03 - Sam discusses the fact we don’t really know who eventually will start - lot of competition for playing time
12:48 - Donald will be looking out for the official poster and pregame hype video
15:46 - Byrd Campbell means business!
16:20 - Duke Football handled Georgia Tech! Sam starts by discussing the offense and the running game
18:42 - Sam - “Duke was swarming on defense”
19:57 - Donald - the defense was getting off the field quickly, which gave offense more time on the field
21:17 - We play Virginia this weekend. Sam hopes Duke can move the ball. Donald thinks the running game needs to be great
25:42 - Parting Shots - Sam discusses Coach K’s comments on recent proposed changes to college basketball compensation
30:53 - Parting Shots - Donald salutes a friend of his and Sam for being a part of the Washington Mystics’ championship winning staff
32:35 - Goodbye and Duke Band…Go Nats!

10-14-2019, 03:01 PM
You guys do a great job with the podcasts.

- do y’all think Duke lands both Williams & Dickinson?
- I know it’s been discussed, but the starting 2 spot is going to be a battle, who do y’all think wins out?

Next season, if Duke lands both 7 footers, they will have a lot of bigs, how will they utilize them all?