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02-18-2019, 10:28 AM
We’re back with Episode 149 early on a Monday morning! On this episode, we recap the victory over NC State, we re-visit the comeback win against Louisville, and we preview the big games against UNC and Syracuse. As usual, we got Player of the Week honors and Parting Shots as well.



0:00 - Hello! Sam is hosting this week and it’s real early
0:39 - Donald had trouble getting home from Nebraska, which is why we’re recording stupid early on a Monday
1:19 - Jason is sneaking this podcast in from work
1:57 - Thanks to Byrd Campbell and GTHCGTH.com, appropriate sponsors this week!
2:50 - Enter the code “DBR” at GTHCGTH.com to get 20% off your orders!
3:17 - We recap the victories over NC State and revisit the Louisville comeback
4:49 - We start with the NC State recap
5:10 - Donald wants to start with RJ Barrett with the 4th triple double in Duke history
6:15 - Donald touches on another incredible Zion Williamson performance
8:17 - Sam is impressed with Barrett’s triple double featuring no turnovers
8:54 - Jason has no idea what NC State was doing to stop Zion
13:07 - Jason also shows love for Marques Bolden’s performance against NC State
13:33 - Sam thinks NC State was invested in this game, but didn’t have the talent level
14:35 - Jason thinks Jack White had a good game
16:24 - Donald shouts out Javin DeLaurier for having a great defensive effort
17:08 - Sam wants to go back to the Louisville game because he was only on the lost recording
17:44 - Sam gets on a tangent about “uninspiring” Dino Gaudio
18:20 - Sam comments on the comeback and how the Louisville crowd was essentially silenced by Duke
20:12 - Jason gets his thoughts in about the Louisville comeback
22:42 - Jason recalls that Louisville almost blew an 8 point lead in under a minute against Clemson on Saturday
24:06 - Donald discusses what went wrong for Duke against Louisville before the comeback
25:00 - Donald says this comeback will be remembered in every detail just like Gone in 54/Miracle Minute
26:16 - Donald says he thought Duke would win when Cam hit the 3 to tie it
27:57 - Sam comments that Cam Reddish has been at the center of two great moments for Duke this year
28:15 - Jason recalls a great stat about Cam’s 3 point shooting when we’re up and when we’re behind
30:37 - Donald notes it’s very rare for a team to come all the way back from a huge deficit and then lose
31:35 - Thank you GTHCGTH.com! Again, you get 20% off all orders with the promo code “DBR”
32:44 - We begin the preview of UNC
33:00 - Jason talks about Coby White and how UNC is great at rebounding, scoring, and shooting 3s
38:23 - Sam agrees with Jason, but also notes that Duke is great in rebounding and scoring as well
40:24 - Donald thinks the rebounding matchup is the most important and can determine the game
42:08 - Donald - we need to make it where Cameron is the X-factor and we’re winning every 50/50 battle
43:21 - We preview the rematch against Syracuse
43:55 - Donald - shot selection and limiting Tyus Battle and Elijah Hughes is the key to beating the Orange
46:06 - Jason - Syracuse is going to have a tough time the rest of the season, and we want revenge to close out our gauntlet
48:40 - Sam thinks Syracuse will need this win to separate themselves from the pack
49:52 - Thank you Byrd Campbell! ByrdCampbell.com
50:28 - Player of the Week! Jason - RJ Barrett; Donald and Sam - Zion
52:40 - Parting Shots - Donald attended the Nebraska-Northwestern basketball game, and it was very mediocre
55:47 - Parting Shots - Jason talks about the new 20-game ACC schedule
57:00 - Parting Shots - Jason recaps the NBA All Star Game skills competitions and Jayson Tatum winning the Skills Challenge
59:41 - Parting Shots - Sam loved all the former players who came back to Cameron for the game
1:00:48 - Goodbye and Duke Band!

02-18-2019, 11:51 AM
Because I know you can't get enough of my voice, I'm going on WXDU tonight just after 6 pm for the Fuqua Media, Entertainment, and Sports radio show to talk about DBR and play some music. They're also running a long interview with Ryan Craig, the Executive Director of Digital Strategy for Duke Athletics, after my segment. The show is 6-7 pm Mondays, but I'm only appearing this week. You should be able to find it on the WXDU site.