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03-29-2018, 09:55 AM
It's Episode 116 (https://soundcloud.com/dbrpodcast/dbr-podcast-116-capel-to-pitt-mcd-aa-game), out much sooner than we thought we'd record, but here we are! We discuss recent developments, including Marvin Bagley III leaving for the NBA and Jeff Capel leaving for Pitt. They also recap the McDonald's All American Game and Mama Carter discussing the business that is the NCAA. Finally, they review their season predictions, hand out player of the year awards and end with Parting Shots.

0:00 Byrd Campbell!
0:20 Hello everyone! Sam’s in charge
1:23 Jason’s here…he’s drunk lit!
3:14 Marvin Bagley’s gone…we react very quickly
4:02 We deal with the real big news - Jeff Capel takes the Pitt job
4:15 Sam recaps all the coaching news
6:16 Donald’s shocked, but it’s a great move for Capel and for Pitt
7:15 Donald - “Capel had become the guy Coach K relied on the most”
8:52 Jason - “Nolan Smith is going to follow Jeff Capel to Pittsburgh” - we speculate
10:42 Donald says the most surprising thing is Capel leaving for an ACC school
11:23 Jason notes this move must mean that Coach K is staying for a while
14:00 Jason speculates that Capel may not have received assurances he was the man to take over yet
15:40 Sam forgets his thought, leading Donald to ask whether Capel would have taken the UConn job if Dan Hurley went to Pitt
18:01 Sam discusses Nate James’ role and why he’s being elevated to co-associate head coach
22:17 We discuss the McD game! Jason was at the Tuesday practice and tells us about the guys
23:20 Jason starts with the 4 guys together and how close they are
24:58 The Text Chain that dominated ESPN was what brought them together and how they all helped each other commit to Duke
26:45 Jason starts with Zion Williamson - He’s short, but an unreal talent
29:19 Zion has great ball handling skills and can shoot from the perimeter! Him, RJ Barrett, and Cam Reddish can rotate positions with each other
30:26 Sam asks how all 3 can play together
34:14 Jason: Cam Reddish and Tre Jones are special passers
34:45 Donald gives his take on the McDonald’s All American game, starting with Tre Jones
37:48 Donald wants to know how these guys will fit in with the current players - Cam Reddish is the glue guy (think a more athletic Theo Pinson)
38:43 Donald: RJ Barrett has a smooth game similar to Kevin Durant
39:46 Zion Williamson had to leave the game due to an injured thumb, but he’s powerful with his off hand
41:16 Jason discusses EJ Montgomery, the last person Duke is recruiting - it may depend on Bolden coming back
42:16 Is Bolden ready for the NBA? This may affect whether EJ Montgomery commits
47:00 Jason: Bryce Drew will be the coach of the year next year - Vandy could be stacked
49:08 The guys discuss Wendell Carter’s mother and her thoughts on the NCAA
52:09 Donald suggests that Mama Carter may think Harvard is far removed from the business of the NCAA and that’s why she preferred it
55:23 Jason: Mama Carter reveals the absurdity of the one-and-done system
59:12 Byrd Campbell - thanks for your sponsorship!
59:42 We reveal the results of the stats prediction game - Sam wins!
1:11:48 Who’s going to win the bracket challenge? Find out this weekend!
1:13:22 Jason: Marvin Bagley, Donald: Grayson Allen Marvin Bagley, Sam: Marvin Bagley
1:16:17 Parting Shots
1:16:23 Donald: Mookie Betts ain’t getting this one, boys
1:17:49 Jason: Thanks to all who listened to our last podcast and for the lovely notes!
1:19:14 Sam: It’s baseball season now, this is how he copes with Duke losing
1:21:19 We’re out…Duke Band!

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03-29-2018, 02:59 PM
Thanks for the POD Casts this year. Always fun and also insightful. Your take on the recruits is appreciated. Something to look forward to. Suggested topic for discussion of the coaching changes is how much influence do the assistant coaches have on coach K in game decision making? We all realize that coach K is somewhat adabtable in his coaching philosophy. Will his coaches suggest alternatives and will he listen>

03-29-2018, 03:57 PM
Can't wait to listen on the ride home today! But FYI, Capel confirmed Nolan is not going to Pitt. We are keeping the People's Champ in Durham where he belongs. Plus that Nolan-Scheyer bond is very tight. I don't see those two breaking up anytime soon.

03-29-2018, 07:10 PM
Can't wait to listen on the ride home today! But FYI, Capel confirmed Nolan is not going to Pitt. We are keeping the People's Champ in Durham where he belongs. Plus that Nolan-Scheyer bond is very tight. I don't see those two breaking up anytime soon.

The perils of speculation. I was all but certain Nolan was leaving... right up until it was announced he was staying.

03-29-2018, 07:31 PM
This is the Mookie Betts play I was referencing in Parting Shots...absolutely hilarious!!


03-29-2018, 11:05 PM
There's one of Jason's selections from last night. I will not embarrass him further by posting the selfie he sent us.

-Stats Game Champion 2018