View Full Version : DBR Podcast #103: A Loss to UVA and Other Things

01-29-2018, 07:21 AM
I think I may have said #102 in the intro, but regardless, we press on.


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0:00 As usual, thanks for Byrd Campbell

0:28 Sam and Jason lament Duke’s loss to Virginia, but Donald is AWOL.

1:28 Jason tries not to blame the refs for letting Virginia get away with what Virginia wanted to do.

5:20 Sam wants to start with the first half of the Virginia game. Why did the Cavs get such a big lead? Jason’s answer… experience.

8:10 Sam talks about the turnovers and why Duke’s inability to hold onto the ball is surprising.

10:30 Jason explains that even though Duke outrebounded the Cavs, we didn’t win the second chance points battle.

11:45 Jason is dying to talk about free throws, but Sam wants to focus on “Zombie Duke” first and how the zone led to our success.

17:20 Sam finally lets Jason talk about free throws… you can feel the pain in his voice.

20:00 We lament a really poor game by the Duke guards.

23:20 The regular season ACC race is done. Virginia wins the crown.

26:00 We find some positives from the loss to UVA.

28:15 Jason closes the Virginia recap with a hat tip to the Cavs but cannot resist talking free throws one last time.

30:50 A few quick thoughts on the Wake game, mostly Jason professing more man-love for Alex O’Connell.

36:00 A few words about Virginia from James Campbell of Byrd Campbell.

37:00 Jason previews Notre Dame, a team wracked by injuries, and he tells the tale of Martinas Geben.

45:00 Sam tells us about St. Johns, a team that is barely a shadow of what it once was, and we talk about Chris Mullin’s struggles coaching St. Johns.

54:15 Player of the week - we split on the big men.

56:00 Parting Shots – Jason tells us about a great interview he heard with Coach Cut.

1:02:10 Parting Shots – Sam gives us his feelings about the sexual assault scandal at Michigan St. and we talk about whether it could cost Tom Izzo his job.

1:11:10 Goodbye, reach out to us at DBRPodcast@gmail.com and here’s the Duke band!