View Full Version : Duke hats bring ducats

11-17-2017, 05:49 PM
Walk that walk and talk that talk, but above all, wear that apparel.

My lovely spouse and i decided, as in years past, to take in the Champions Classic. This time we chose to travel by train. The trip would be more than an hour, so i pulled my 2010 National Champions cap down over my eyes and settled in for a nap. About half way there, a woman boarded, sat down across the aisle and shortly after leaned over and asked if we were going to the game. The hat, she was drawn by the hat. She and her husband, were not alums, but Duke fans, avid Duke fans. i mentioned that our seats were in the stratosphere, about 6 rows from the top (Section 313). Without hesitation, she asked whether we would join them. They had a suite. What astonishing luck! Luck? It was the hat, she was drawn by the hat.

So above all, wear the apparel.