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11-08-2017, 11:01 AM

In the category of good timing, we interviewed Ga Tech head coach Josh Pastner just days before he and his program became enveloped in a fairly nasty scandal. This mid-week special podcast also includes some good insight into Duke's first two opponents, Elon and Utah Valley.


0:00 Byrd Campbell, two Dukies who love the podcast
0:25 Jason welcomes us, Donald apologizes for his audio last time, and Sam wakes up too early
2:30 Jason explains the craziness that went down to create this mid-week podcast… and it all centers around Ga Tech head coach Josh Pastner
5:00 Sam explains the Ga Tech scandal, being reported by CBS Sports, and we try to figure out if any of this makes sense
13:55 Jason interviews Ga Tech head basketball coach Josh Patner. They begin by telling the story of how the 31-year-old Pastner got the head coaching job at Memphis
18:35 Jason asks about Ga Tech’s recruiting efforts in Atlanta and how Duke keeps beating Tech for local recruits
23:35 Pastner discusses academics, athletics, and the scandals at Louisville and UNC
27:30 Jason asks how tough it is to follow all the NCAA rules. Pastner: “85% of my job is compliance”
30:15 Pastner gives a preview of Ga Tech in the ACC this season but Pastner mostly talks about his reverence for Coach K
34:30 Good bye to Coach Pastner, but before he goes he has a good Roy Williams story!
38:50 We react to the Pastner interview and especially on how Ga Tech recruits against Duke
46:05 A quick look at UCLA and Ga Tech’s crazy adventure in China… and the middle Ball Brother getting arrested for shoplifting. Pro tip from Donald-- don’t shoplift in China!
54:50 Byrd Campbell uses their sponsorship time to throw shade at UNC… we approve!!
56:35 We preview Duke’s first games. Sam starts with his Elon preview and reminds us that Elon is a special opponent for Grayson Allen
1:02:30 Donald gives us the low down on Utah Valley, a team with some real height up front
1:08:05 Sam points out that former Dukie Chris Burgess is one of the assistant coaches for Utah Valley and we riff a bit on Duke’s great 1997 recruiting class (which Jason thinks was the class of 1999)
1:10:40 Parting Shots – Donald talks Duke women’s soccer and gives us some election results
1:13:10 Parting Shots – Sam remembers baseball pitcher Roy Halladay
1:15:25 Parting Shots – Jason on ESPN’s college basketball predictions and getting trolled by Dan Dakich
1:21:45 Good bye! Don’t forget to rate us on iTunes and email us at DBRPodcast@gmail.com

11-08-2017, 01:15 PM
I hope folks will listen to my interview with Ga Tech head coach Josh Pastner and give some feedback. I'm interested in knowing what all of you think about him.

11-08-2017, 02:11 PM
I hope folks will listen to my interview with Ga Tech head coach Josh Pastner and give some feedback. I'm interested in knowing what all of you think about him.

A good interview on both your part and Pastner's. He seems both eloquent and professional. He seemed as personable as is reasonable in today's media without antagonizing anyone (not that some folk might have been unreasonably antagonized).

11-13-2017, 11:05 AM
Finally got around to listening to this one. To be honest, I was going to skip it as my playlist is backlogged with podcasts of season previews and Duke-centered stuff, but I'm glad I didn't as Pastner's interview was excellent and it was great to hear the perspective of an opposing coach. He is so respectful and effusive of his praise of K, that was really impressive.

The "get old and stay old" comment also stood out to me, and another one was his comment that coaching in college is 70% managing the kids and 15% actual basketball coaching. That was really telling and perhaps helps explain why K has never left for the pros, where it's mostly the X's and O's as Pastner put it. K is such a master psychologist and teacher and clearly he loves developing kids both on and off the court.

I also liked the insight into recruiting, how it's really important to know when you have no chance at landing a guy and should get out rather than wasting your time and resources. That's got to be a really hard balance to maintain, especially when a top player like Wendell is right in your back yard.

Thanks for putting together the interview and I hope there will be more to come.