View Full Version : Podcast #62 in which we aren't even remotely bothered by losing to Kansas

11-22-2016, 04:21 PM
Here is the weekly podcast. Enjoy!


0:00 Welcome to podcast #62. Do we really have to talk about that football game?
1:30 Recap of the Kansas game. We lost but aren’t despondent over the result. Jason was really impressed with Josh Jackson; Sam talks about the rebounding and the strange flow of the game; and Donald is relieved that we got the undefeated pressure off our back nice and early.
14:30 Time for something more fun, the wins over Penn St and Rhode Island. We were quite impressed with Hassan Martin of Rhode Island.
18:10 Sam has a hysterical story about how he experienced the Penn St. game
20:10 We are really getting sick of everyone getting injured
23:05 Jason has a shocking statistic he wants everyone to know about that he pulled right from the rules of basketball
29:20 Donald starts the, “Grayson needs to get healthy” conversation which Jason morphs into his weekly man-love for Luke Kennard and then Sam morphs into a discussion about who is going to get minutes once we finally get healthy. It takes a while for us to talk about minutes.
40:30 Recruiting news- Wendell Carter will choose this week between Duke and Harvard. Amazingly, even though we really want this stud player, we all think it would be kinda cool if he picked the Crimson.
45:30 We recap the absolute beat down Pitt put on our football team
48:30 Time to look at the scenarios that get us to a bowl game at 5-7
51:30 Player of the week. It is a 2 man race and we split our votes.
56:00 Parting shots – Sam has a funny story about Marshall Plumlee’s path to his first NBA game
58:15 Parting shots – Jason is here to praise Tony Bennett
1:01:40 Parting shot – Donald goes back in time exactly 2 years… to the very first DBR podcast.
1:03:25 We give thanks at Thanksgiving and say goodbye!

Papa John
11-22-2016, 09:29 PM
45:30 We recap the absolute beat down Pitt put on our football team
48:30 Time to look at the scenarios that get us to a bowl game at 5-7

First of all, shame on you for downplaying Pitt... Good God, this is a team that defeated Clemson and Penn State—both in the conversation for the college FB playoff this season. Pitt is solid this season, and we were on the road. I think perhaps also we, as a young team, were caught on the downside of the adrenaline rush from a big win against our arch-rival. We've played like a young, inexperienced team this season, taking our lumps along the way... We'll be much better for all the adversity next year, I guarantee.

That said, we're still in the mix for a bowl bid... Don't be surprised to see us come out laser-focused against Miami. Not only do we have the potential bowl bid incentive here, but payback for the absolutely worst officiating blunder in recent history (in my opinion, the Colorado 5th down victory (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifth_Down_Game_(1990)) is the closest officiating brain-fart in memory). It would be great to see us whip Miami's behind and earn a bowl bid, extending the practice time for this young team by a few weeks... We're gonna be darn good next year regardless, though!