View Full Version : New ESPN College Hoops Power Rankings

11-01-2016, 03:12 PM
Jeff Goodman posted the season's first Power Rankings this morning. As no surprise, he has Duke at No. 1. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/17917323/2016-season-preview-no-1-duke-blue-devils. While I clearly don't expect Duke to go undefeated (like Bilas said could be possible in the best case scenario), I do like Bilas considering them a Final Four team, even as a worst case scenario. It would be fantastic if they could make it to Phoenix this year -- especially since I have tickets to attend the Final Four.

Two quick thoughts:
1) Goodman seems to agree with the Coaches, having Kansas as No. 2, and Kentucky as No. 3. I'm curious what the media saw in Kentucky to put them ahead of Kansas in the AP Poll.
2) It's a surprise to me that he has Louisville as No. 5. No disrespect to Pitino or the Cardinals, but the AP has them at 13 and the Coaches have them at 14. I think as a pre-season poll, with no games played yet, it's a bit crazy to have Louisville ahead of the likes of Oregon, Virginia, North Carolina, Arizona, and Wisconsin. Even Lunardi has them projected as a 3 seed, compared to 2 seeds for UVA, UNC, and Arizona. Lunardi has Oregon has a projected 1 seed, they have 10-1 odds to win the Tournament, they're 5th in both polls, yet Goodman has them as No. 10. I'm really curious how he decided Louisville as the No. 5 team. Just seems strange to me.