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07-19-2015, 06:49 AM
I drew a blank on the link in the front page story. Here's a good link (http://www.nba.com/heat/newsrecap/talking-justise-winslow-and-josh-richardson-dan-craig).

Money quote:

Heat.com's Couper Moorhead: "...He makes it seem like heís not going anywhere, and then heís right by you."

Heat Summer League Coach Dan Craig: "Yeah, heís very good at attacking angle. If he sees a gap, he doesnít go around it to hit it, he goes through it. And when defenders do step up, he has that two-step ability where he can bounce around them. And he can make plays and finish at the rim."

Moorhead: "How uncommon is that in a 19-year old?"

Craig: "Very. Very uncommon. Usually you see guys try to get to their launching pad. Generally in high school and college, they can get to their launching pad and make plays over the rim. At this level you got the shot blockers and guys a little bit bigger, more athletic. Thatís where it becomes so vital to stay on your feet and make those plays. For him to do that, at his age, with little experience, is very impressive."

Billy Dat
07-19-2015, 01:09 PM

Justise Winslow, Miami Heat: "I'd pay to watch Duke basketball. As far as teams, that's the only team I'd pay to watch. OK, one dude? Jeez, that's tough. I'd pay to see Grayson Allen play -- just for the way he competes. Nobody competes harder. I also know him personally, so it'd be great to sit courtside for a change and watch him."